Saturday, October 30, 2010

I give you permission......

My husband has said many times that I'm dangerous to myself because of what I know. Now lets clarify that statement. I am a reader and researcher and whatever the topic is I want to know All I can about it, not just go on others opinions, etc. Most of you that are reading this know that my undergraduate degree is in Psychology and Child Development, and my Master's is Early Childhood Education. So on this counseling/therapy/psychology/anxiety stuff I have battled with myself on going to a therapist. I knew what I was dealing with and wanted to help myself. Really I wanted to talk about it but it was never safe to do so.
I go talk to my Christian therapist for 2 hours every Friday! So I get to vent, discuss, talk out everything and get feedback and go home! Many times its just insurance of what I was thinking but instead of beating myself up in the inside, I walk away feeling different.

So in the words of my therapist, I give you permission:
  1. to make decisions that you know are right for your family and stick to them
  2. to make a contract with your spouse verbally and on paper and stand by it
  3. to not accept criticism that is hurtful and not helpful
  4. to not be hurt by family, friends, aquaintenances when you know they are wrong
  5. say no when you are thinking "I want to say no but...."
  6. when others offer to help you by... but that really isn't helpful to you, say thanks but no thanks
  7. when others offer to help you let them know exactly what you need (carry these things, clean up the kitchen, push the kids on the swings) "instead of saying whatever you want is fine with me" because really its not fine with you, and if that doesn't work for them say thanks for the offer- if they really want to help they will
  8. take naps and be tired after doing so much
  9. give yourself "time-out" when you need it and put your kids in front of the tv with a movie so you can calm down and slow down when you need it

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  1. I know you live so close, but it is still so wonderful to catch up with you through this blog. This one on giving yourself permission has been my favorite.