Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jon and Kate Gosselin - Jon and Kate Plus 8

I just watched the last 3 episodes with my daughter. It has been months since I had the time to watch a whole show but who can miss the tabloids in every aisle and one the top of the headlines on the news online each night.
I have been praying for them daily and after watching the last three episodes i will even more. I has been tough here too on multiple occasions. I was ready to go to stay at the Hilton Head family condo for awhile this past September the air was so thick around here. No one knew exactly what was going on the outside but it was our business! No affairs, just kid stuff/schooling/economics/Tim's business/exhaustion & little love flowing between us and lots of harsh words. Yes we stayed committed. Yes we still had our faith and loved the Lord. Did we talk much? No. Just shouted, hollared and cried alot!! I often said to God why am I here and with him? I know you have a greater plan but this really stinks and I want out!!! I never would leave because i am committed to my husband and family but did the awful thoughts go through my mind?Yes. I repent, but I am normal and so is Kate.
Pray for them to get through this and come back around. We did! Even if that means Jon has to sleep in another room (or garage) for a little while until they have some time together to rekindle the flame that began with.
Stop judging them too. By gosh, life with little kids is blessed but really really hard sometimes and claustraphobic. I know some say " she says it all for the children but what about her husband". This is a season and guess what when your in survival-mode (exhausted, stressed, working, and not agreeing with your spouse) that is all you can say. Notice I, like Kate, haven't bad mouthed my husband but I will say we working for inlaws for years,starting a business). And having 5 kids, 8 in her case, calling your name, can make you want to go hide or just go to the spa alone for a few days sometimes. When your little one is screaming and not telling you what is wrong, the next one wants.... and the others are fighting all you can do is close you eyes sometimes and call out to God or run! I have been know to go in a dark closet and scream sometimes or get a neighbor to come over so I can have a time out (go for a short walk so I can come down and not lose it with the kids or my husband that can be like having an additional child at times, I do love him don't get me wrong). Praise God for the good times, reconciliation, and commitment. Just pray for them and encourage others to leave them alone!!