Friday, March 27, 2009

Best Thing Worst Thing

R: It was awesome. We had to clean up and that was my worst thing of the day. My best thing of the day is that we made a Webkin ride. You know a roller coaster ride.
Me: How do you make that?
R: Me and S made a Webkin roller coaster ride.

Creating Leaders- Teaching Kids to Think Beyond Today

Back in January we started a dream series. We started with Martin Luther King, Jr. We talked about qualities of real dreamers that became leaders that were forever remembered. They had a dream that would make life better for themselves but most importantly others. They had their priorities in order. God first, others second, themselves last.

Real dreamers have similar qualities:
1) tenacity and dont give up when hard times come.
2) They devise a plan and revise periodically.
3) They write down their dreams and plans and share it with others so it can be carried out.

If you get others excited about your dream, even if you are alive to see it fulfilled the dream still has a chance of happening.
We talked about Moses dream and how it was completed by Joshua.
We talked about Martin Luther King, Ir dream now being fullfilled through Obama.
Then we create dream webs.

Teach kids to think beyond today!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kate Gosselin Live Last Night at RUMC

Last night several friends and I had the opportunity to see Kate Gosselin speak at Roswell United Methoidist Church live. She shard the story of her and Jon from the beginning of their journey together at 20 until now. Every other word out of her mouth was God, faith, or blessing! Her testimony was beautiful. She said "This is my favorite part. I get to share our faith and what else is really going on in our family without it being edited out." She shared how God has blessed them so much in this journey and none of it could be possible without Him.
There was definitely squirming in the room. I don't think some people expected what she had to share. She didn't address rumors or express any negativity but she was the same Kate as you seee in the show. The same Kate we have grown to love. Before going i happened upon this articel in Today's Christian Woman. I copied and pasted some of the article below.

"So you're instilling gratitude in your kids.
Right. And when we pray before dinner every night, it's not just "Thank you, Jesus, for our food. Amen." It's always Jon and me pouring out the issues of the day—whatever happened that day, whatever we need to trust God for. A lot of times that leads to meaningful family discussions.
Cara and Mady got Bibles recently. They each picked out their own. It's amazing to watch them discover verses for themselves. Mady will read something and say, "Oh, that's a good verse." I'll ask, "What does that mean?" She'll explain it, and I'll be so moved that she totally gets it. I feel like I'm rediscovering Scripture through them.
How difficult is it to have that personal spiritual time with your kids while you've got cameras around?
Truthfully, I wish they'd cover more of our faith. But it's their decision to edit the episodes as they see fit. They've followed us to church."
As quoted in the magazine and addressed last night how she handles time with God:
"As far as our personal time, I have a daily e-mail devo that I receive. I do that on my own. I feel poured out and spent so often that I need the encouragement and wisdom Scripture offers.

Knowing Tim and I and the strong personalities in our family, i appreciate her transparency in their relationship but strong commitment as well. She was asked by the magazine about her interactions we all see on the show. She shared a similar response Live to this one in the article.

"I'll bet those characteristics create some interesting dynamics in your marriage.
Yes! I know it looks like I'm ordering Jon around, but he literally asks me to. He's very happy to follow my lead in the day-to-day decisions of our household. He'd never want to be in charge, even if I said, "That's it. I'm done." And I have said that before.
So I'm a type-A personality who likes to lead. And we really need that in a family of our size. Sure, I control to the point where I wish I could lay off—and everybody else wishes I could too. But that's part of my personality; I feel like there's a plan and we need to follow it.

With these differing personalities and your crazy schedule, how do you and Jon stay connected?
When the babies were born, I was well aware that our marriage could crumble. It was close to doing so at times. But we survived that first year. And then the second one. And then each year after that. Even though the issues have changed, it's never gotten easier.
But Jon and I are more determined than ever that we're in this together. We've told our kids many times that we're always going to be a family. There are no other options. Sure, Jon and I take our stress out on each other, and no, that's not always good or healthy. But we work hard as a team every day.
With all that is going on in our live right now and that we homeschool with 5 kids 9 and under i feel like we are under scrutiny often. I love how she answered this question.
Crazy life??
"The life we're leading is so not what we envisioned back when we got married or even after we had the babies. Friends, family, neighbors—nobody understands our strange life. Jon's the only one who gets it. He's in my corner. And that's so wonderful."

So why did we choose a natural birth method void of pain relievers, or chose to school some of our children at home and others at a private school, or consider moving to wherever even if it doesn't make sense to others. God speaks we listen. Why are we here? We have been entrusted with much but what should we do with it. Whatever he tells us regardless of what others think. We ultimately have to stand before Him and answer.
Before you buy it to the rumors (about Kate and Jon, or my family and our crazy kids) pray for them and ask God what to do next. Our judgement does no one any good.