Friday, March 27, 2009

Creating Leaders- Teaching Kids to Think Beyond Today

Back in January we started a dream series. We started with Martin Luther King, Jr. We talked about qualities of real dreamers that became leaders that were forever remembered. They had a dream that would make life better for themselves but most importantly others. They had their priorities in order. God first, others second, themselves last.

Real dreamers have similar qualities:
1) tenacity and dont give up when hard times come.
2) They devise a plan and revise periodically.
3) They write down their dreams and plans and share it with others so it can be carried out.

If you get others excited about your dream, even if you are alive to see it fulfilled the dream still has a chance of happening.
We talked about Moses dream and how it was completed by Joshua.
We talked about Martin Luther King, Ir dream now being fullfilled through Obama.
Then we create dream webs.

Teach kids to think beyond today!

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