Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Listening to....

What are you listening to...?
Yesterday I started my day listening to myself. Was that intentional
? I don't know. But I do know that God woke me at 3 AM and I prayed for minute, sat up and contemplated getting up and then laid back down to sleep. The day seem to go rather well for the most part until later in the day. Now looking back, we didn't really have breakfast until 11:30 (so I served bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese, and pancakes for lunch) and then we didn't have dinner until 5:30. But it was a healthy heavy lunch right over a Bible study. We had a great school morning and a great cleaning afternoon. Its just that all Hell broke lose around 6 and it got way out of hand. Now were we in sync with God. Noo! Looking back there was underlying back biting bewtween the kids all day. They were probably starving! For the most part they were helpful, attention and obedient yet TJ couldn't remember what he learned when daddy asked him about the day and Hannah skipped dinner becuase she didn't like what we were having. And becuase I was so busy cleaning and eating on the run I didn't notice until she was losing it! So....was I listening to His small voice prompting me? Did I get up and have timewith Him alone before the rest of the family got up? Did I plan and make breakfast for the family before they got up and then made sure everyone had a good breakfast before they started their day (and I expecting them to act right)? Not yesterday .
This morning He woke me again at 3AM. Did I listen and rise? By golly, yes. I rose. I made the coffee. I started the laundry and cleaned up the hall way. I have started putting away the laundry and organized the boys closet. I sent 10 emails to friends I have neglected to contact for awhile. I made a fresh batch of banana bread muffins with a peanut butter swirl and oreo crumbs on top sitting in the pan waiting to go in the oven. I am about to go read the message for today and start my day with HIM. After yesterdays craziness, I would be crazy not to. Does the Word tell us to do this but we think we can make it on our own accord. Ask Him to order your steps today. I am.
Be blessed!