Sunday, February 22, 2009

Little minds GROW UP ALREADY

My mother was fond of saying that little things affect little minds. And we seem to have no shortage of either. I am not referring to children. I am refering to adults acting like children. Can you tell I am short on patience with some!

Quoted from another blogger who is hilarious!!!

Our world is too hung up on the little things. What did we used to do or talk about 100 years ago?

Kids Perserverance Disobedience and Patience

Wow i am sure you haven't ever had a day like this. We are on day 3 of 3 of my son's restrictions from getting in trouble on Friday. It is killing us as much as it is him!!! Who are we punishing now?
I started a yahoo group today called Eclectic Christianhomeschooler. I plan to just add my friends to the group only. It is gotten to the shear point of obsurdity with people. You try to be everyone's friend. You make the assumption they are like minded to you because you are homeschooling, or you both have children the similar age, or both share the same faith beliefs. NNNNNOOOOO! Its just not that way. The reality is very few poeple are like minded are it is hard to make true good friends. I have decided i try tooo hard and as my husband says to me on a daily regular basis RELAX. That word to me is as bad as saying to me SHUT UP. But i am sure that is not his intention.
I am tired of people asking me with a judgemental tone in their voice "So what kind of homeschooler are you? Charlotte Mason or Classic or ??? And why do you homeschool anyway? Don't your kids drive you crazy?"
At times i don't think anyone wants to be around their kids but still love them. Like tonight for instance. My husband was iritated the kids were crazy, one lied to us, one was crying over his babby, one was mad about something else. the baby was tired and was crying over getting her diaper changed, and the oldest was upset becuase she didn't want to finish her report that she left for the last possible date to finish.
So that's when you thank God that He makes His mercies new every morning and put everyone to bed to start over tommorow.
On that note.........................

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Charolette mason homeschooling or just Ecletic or do you need a name for it anyway?

First Blog entry so here is goes. I love homeschooling because we can go down "rabbit trails" that peak the interest of my kids. They can be good at most but experts at what they are truly interested in at the time. For years i have internally struggled with the need to have a name for "our style" of homeschooling when asked "so are you the classical approach type or Charolette Mason or unschoolers or blah blah blah??" "What curriculum do you use?" I always hesistate to answer the questions because we are not purist by any means. We are a Christian family with the desire ( to prayerfully) met the educational and social needs of our child in the way we best see fit. Sometimes that looks way intense and sometimes that looks sooo loose but ask my kids a few questions or listen to them read and there will be no doubt in your mind they are "on par" and a few of them "above grade level (according to the public school)" in many areas of "school life". Lifeskills (discipline, respect, you know that kind of stuff), :Love for God and others, and a love for reading, writing, 'rithmetic, and nature is of upmost importance to me.

We have an almost 4 acre piece of property and we have just begun to explore it. It has become a central focus for our studies. We have tied it into phonics, reading, science experiments and nature studies. Like I said, we have to let go sometimes and go down all the rabbit trails we can!!!

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