Sunday, October 17, 2010

Choosing to SEE- Part 4 Seeing beyond what you see with your eyes right now

Christianity doesn't deny the reality of suffering and evil. Our hope is not based on the idea that we are going to be free of pain and suffering. Rathering, it is based on the conviction that we will triumph over suffering.
Brennan Manning

What if we all got brave?
Enough to take away
All we're hiding behind even just for a day
And let the scars show even a little
But I know the honesty will show us all to be

Broken, we're all broken
And we all need a Savior
Broken, we're all broken
And we all need a Savior
We all have a Savior
We all need Jesus

Words and Music by Steven Curtis Chapman

Today's a big day. I am selling part of the contents of our home and packing boxes to move to any house ( a much smaller home that we will be renting). This should be an exciting time. It is and it is. The end of one thing and the beginning of another causes some things that have been stuffed down inside to rise to the top and it caused pain. The good news is that means we get to deal with it instead of carrying the burdens like baggage to the next place if we choose. My goal is to sort through these tangible and emotional things and leave them here when we move rather than pack them in a box to re-open when we arrive at our next destination. Your prayers are coveted!!!
What if we were all open and honest with our pain and suffering? What if people actually answered the question, "How's it going?" honestly so we could be there for each other? What if we made a point of following up a few times that next week with the person we questioned with encourage and another question, "Can I help?"

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