Friday, October 8, 2010

Divine appointment at the Nail Salon

Ok really, the nail salon? Yes, the nail salon. I made a comment to the lady next to me about something that was on the television in front of us. She mentioned to me afterwards that she was a lactation nurse at the hospital. She asked me what church I attend. She had seen that I was holding a book with an endorsing comment on the back by Beth Moore. We talked for awhile about our "finding the right church" journey and their current struggle with it. That led to how God moved them here and what has happened since. She teared up many times and then I asked her if I could pray with her. I held her hand (the one that was not being painted at the time) and said a pray out loud and tried to encourage her to follow what was on her heart.
Then she started asking me what was going on. I had avoided me becuase I knew that I was tired and emotional this morning and the flood gates would open. Well she followed me to my car and continued to talk to me after both of our appointments had ended. She gave me her number and offered help with anything and made me promise her I would call. I went to the nail salon while I had help at my house, to be alone. I wasn't planning on talking to anyone about my life. I was just making small talk. But when she opened up, the opportunity to encourage was undeniable. When it became my turn I wanted to run. It became apparent I was not going to "get off" that easy. Our spirits connected immediately because we could relate and understand the pain one another felt because we had each experienced it before. Even though my current and her current circumstances are different, we shared a similar journey and both had hope for a much bright future tommorow. We both agree upon parting ways that this was only by the Hand of God that we talked today. She and I both needed that time to share with someone else that is not involved in the situation and could just listen and see it with out any preconceived opinions.
Its those "divine appointments" that smooth the path of the grave road "on the road less traveled" ahead of you. Be blessed today.
And if you need to shed a tear, let it fall, its therapeutic.

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