Friday, November 6, 2009

Afraid of snakes? Ring snakes are fun and harmless!

We frequently have these tiny little dark colored snakes around. Their heads are no bigger than your pinky finger nail. Typically they are about 4-7 inches full grown in length. They have red or yellow bellies with a colored ring around their neck. They are non venomous and enjoy weaving in and out of your fingers. This particular evening, we were coming up from the playgroup and i found him in our garage. We had our 5 children and were watching my friends four kids while we were on a date. We texted this next picture to them on the date.

Of course we had the lap top sitting right there and i was reading to them all about the habits of the ring snake, its features, what it would eat, and how big it gets when its full grown. My husband says to me," Do you ever stop schooling?" The truth is its a 24/7 thing that's why we don't have to fit it all in during 8 to 2 becuase we take every opportunity in a fun way to learn!!! Happy learning!

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