Friday, November 6, 2009

Praying for Signs! The day the Fire Truck came down our street

The other day a BIG decision was posed to me to pray about. "Pray about it for 24 hours and then we'll talk," my husband said. Wow. I hate to wait 5 minutes to have to talk about something when something is on my mind!!! 24 hours , are you crazy? Well, nothing happens that fast and God can show you alot in 24 hours if you wait, watch, and listen.

On this particular afternoon, my kids, our company and I had just walked into the front yard to play when the fire truck came down in to our culdesac and stopped in front of our house. They jumped off and started messing with the hydrant. They repainted it a very shiny silver and tightened the bolts. They gave each one of my children a shiny red hat and invited them to climb into the truck. We took some great pictures with the firemen and some on the truck.

After the truck pulled away, one of our friends said to me. "Did you catch that? The Holy Fire of God. Did you see the number on the side of the truck? IT was a number 7. The number of completion. What is the likelihood that that truck would have come down your street while you were out here right after the conversation that we all just had?"Wow. Has God tried to speak to you through the simple things lately, and you missed them because they seemed too simple? Wow. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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