Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weight loss update

A week ago this past Sunday I was congratulated on being pregnant again. Excuse me, but Im not! I'm just bloated and put a weight! So raw food diet, ZERO alcohol, and limited pasta or bread from then on. A week and a half later I am now done 5 pounds! Forging ahead, I am about to go make my smoothee in the Vitamix ( kale, celery, apple, banana, and avocado.)


  1. Key Kirsten! First of all, no one should EVER congratulate a lady for being preggers unless the status has been 100% confirmed! Otherwise, just plain bad manners. Anyway, at least said person helped you jumpstart your personal weight loss and what you're doing sounds healthy enough for us all! So, with that---congrats to your new way of eating!

  2. So, is this the "recipe" of your drink, or is there more? I am going to pull out the juicer for the first time ever to try what you are making. I am on the weight loss band wagon.:)

  3. Who asks a woman that?!?!? You do NOT look pregnant. You look incredible! Good luck with the healthy eating!