Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celebrating what "you've got"

No this isn't a religious slanted post.... It comes from our day yesterday at One Source Talent workshop on Casting and Auditioning. Jamal Campbell lead the workshop. It began with an intro exercise focused on projection and showing your personality. Each person had to step out of the line, announce their name, and do their own 2 second jig. The next person in-line says their own name, repeats all the jigs before them, and then does their own. The workshop ended with the same exercise and very different (much improved!) results.
One quote from Mr. Campbell was "Go with what talent they naturally have. Use the gifts they have already. If it's personality, looks, or acting
, go with it. Market what they got. And don't wait for someone else to market you. Make the calls and tell them about your child. Tell them you would like them to audition for the part because you know your child best and you know what they got."

Next, he pulled 3 kids at a time and gave them a 30
second explanation of a scene. He assigned
each kid a role and then said, "Rolling." They had to improv
a skit until he called, "Cut."

Mr. Campbell spoke to the parents and refered to what he called "the
parent-teacher conference" and explained his intentions for the sessions and what we should expect from the industry (casting directors, etc.) The next exercise was the
imagine you were a growing from a seedling to a tree. They pa
rticipants had to act out how they imagined themselves as a growing tree with music playing in the backround. This really showed each ones personality.
After the workshop was over, Mr. Campbell stayed after to talk to a few folks. He told "our princess" she had the talent and personality (wit and humor) of Sandra Bullock. What a compliment. Then we had the opportunity to meet with the triplet brothers and hear them harmonize. We networked with the others and I believe much will come from this day!!

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